Biped manipulator (maxscript)

Biped Manipulator (maxscript)

Biped Manipulator – 3ds Max MAXScript, allows to select fast any objects/bones and also the whole groups of objects as arms, legs and spine. Since manipulator uses objects names to select objects/bones it is possible to use it with any …..

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Muscular female 3D characters on Pinterest

If you’re looking for inspiration when creating three-dimensional characters of muscular girls, check out my collection on Pinterest. I will be glad to new subscribers! 🙂 If you have interesting links to similar content, please leave it in the comments …..

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Straighten Edge featured

Straighten Edge

Straighten Edge – 3dsmax maxscript, allows you to align the vertices / edges in a straight line, which is given by two clicks.

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3ds Max UI theme

I have long adjusted the UI theme in 3ds max which I use every day in working with the program. It is based on the colors of the Modo interface. Recently peoples asked me to share this theme that I use when I post screenshots or video recorded in 3ds Max.
I did not think that anyone except me would also be of interest this scheme otherwise I would have publish it out before. But better late than never 🙂.

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Render Region

Render Region – 3DS MAX scripted RenderEffect. Some of renderers such as Arnold or Mental Ray after render finished clear outside area, so you lose previous rendered  parts of image in VFB. Render Region restores cleared area of last rendered …..

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