3ds max UI theme

3ds Max UI theme

I have long adjusted the UI theme in 3ds max which I use every day in working with the program. It is based on the colors of the Modo interface. Recently peoples asked me to share this theme that I use when I post screenshots or video recorded in 3ds Max.
I did not think that anyone except me would also be of interest this scheme otherwise I would have publish it out before. But better late than never 🙂.

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Lit Sphere in 3dsmax viewport directx mental ray screenshot-2

Creating Lit sphere material in 3dsmax

In this article I’d like to go back to the trend of previous years – Lit Spheres materials (also called matcap/Spherical Environment Mapping (SEM), etc.). The essence of this material is that all shader parameters: color, reflections, and so on are located on the image, where the sphere is depicted. To use such a image as material you will need a special shader which can draw out from it the necessary parameters.
This kind of materials are very useful in modeling (especially organic objects) and allow to identify errors in the topology. They have proved themselves in programs such as Mudbox and Zbrush. Presence of the library with such materials and possibility of fast switching between them considerably lighten modeling.
Just creation of Lit Sphere materials and library with them in 3dsmax we’ll do now.

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Windows explorer with 3dsmax files thumbnails

Displaying thumbnails of 3ds Max files

Displaying thumbnails of 3ds Max files in Windows Explorer helps much easier to navigate to the files you work with. If instead of thumbnails in Windows Explorer – .max files are displayed as icons, the following solution should help you.

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