I am glad to welcome you in my blog. My name is Mikhail “RGhost” Samoylov, I’m author of this blog. In this blog I will tell you about my works in the area of computer graphics.


This project I have invented to regulate and increase my knowledge in creating 3D human bodies. The name of the project originates from the girl’s name Veda – virtual personage which I began to create several years ago, when I got passion for body anatomy. Creating of girl’s body 3D model with athletic forms roused my interest to the women’s  bodybuilding, which with my experience of many years  in 3d graphics allowed me to make videos with this personage.

Every time I create the next video I run into new challenges, the solutions of which opens to me more and more fields of knowledge such as creating realistic hear,  breast dynamics, physics of fabric clothes etc.
Most articles you will find on my site are devoted to the  instruments and methods for the 3ds Max,  which I have invented as I was making videos with Veda.

Mikhail samoylov aka rghost

I’ll be glad to discuss with you my works and publications. Leave  your comments and questions. Wish you pleasant browsing. 🙂

Mikhail Mikhail Samoylov - 3ds max Certified Professional3ds max certified professional

Please feel free to contact with me if you have any questions or suggestions:

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  • Hello. Are your LPM addons (state sets and render presets) available anywhere for download? Going to the links on your website from ScriptSpot gives me 404 errors. Thanks,

    • Hello Q’ba!
      Thank you for mention this. State Sets and Render Preset addons were included by Lukas in to his latest version of the LPM (v1.13). Also all my fixes for LPM were included. So, if you want to use it please update your version of LPM.
      p.s. I’ll update scriptspot.com pages of these addons and remove links. If new version will be released I post new links.

  • Hello, Do you still have the fixed Fast SSS shader, for this error? PHEN 0.4 error: Internal error: misss_call_shader: Unexpected state->type case. Its render in ok in the main program, but crashes backburner.

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