Amateur Ballet showcase award badgeAmateur ballet – it is video, in which athletic girl Veda performs several ballet movements. The main task of creation of this video was checking and improvement of the rig setup, which I have created for this character. Dance was the best thing I could find for this task. You can observe in this dance a number of poses with high lifted hands or poses with bent knees, which are especially complicated at creation of rig and at the same time best of all demonstrate of how well I coped with the task.

Quite a big volume of work has been done at setup simulation of cloth, dynamics of hair as well as soft bodies.

The amateur ballet became the first video from the series of video, in which I had accumulated the most part of knowledge I got for 10 years of my work with 3ds max. Even so a number of themes such as facial expression, animation of breath and so on, which I have been studying has not been reflected in this video. My work in this direction will be continued in my new video with that character Veda.

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