M60 machine gun

Last Updated on 30/06/2023

M60 machine gun – work still in progress…

Update1: Most parts finished, added test renders in Arnold renderer without textures.


Rambo first blood original movie poster 1989 sylvester stallone header

When I was a kid I had a poster of the movie Rambo hanging on my wall. Like a lot of boys at that age, I loved that kind of movies. A muscular hero with a huge machine gun fighting with his enemies.
At the time I didn’t wonder what kind of weapon the Rambo was holding, but later I learned that the machine gun I often saw in movies was the legendary M60 machine gun.

This machine gun could be often seen in action movies of the 90’s, when the Vietnam War was a popular topic. Below you can see a small overview of movies where the M60 can be found.

Now with my modeling skills I thought, why not make a model of the M60 which impressed me so much when I was a kid. The task now is to make a model of the visible part of the machine gun, followed by a firing animation.

While creating the 3D model in 3ds Max I watched a lot of videos about how such a machine gun M60 is working, what its modifications are, what ammunition is used, etc. All this helps to create a model as close to the original as possible.

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