Straighten Edge

Last Updated on 13/10/2019

version 1.5.1

Straighten Edge – 3ds Max MAXscript, allows you to align the vertices / edges in a straight line, which is given by two clicks.

The script works with the following objects / modifiers:
– Editable Poly object
– Edit Poly modifier
– Editable Spline object
– Line object



When ALT key is pressed vertices/edges will be normalized.

When SHIFT key is pressed vertices/edges will be straighten with axis constraints (in World coordinates).
(how to use axis constraints please read 3dsmax help Using the Axis Constraints chapter).


  1. Drag and drop .mcr file in viewport.
  2. In Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Category -> assign Straighten Edge on hotkey or on any element of UI.


How to usage:

  1. Select an Editable Poly object (or another of the supported objects / modifiers) -> switch to Vertex / Edge mode -> select one or more edges (edges) -> run the script.
  2. Using the snap, specify the first point and then the second, between which a straight line is formed along which the selected sub-objects will be aligned.



Version History

v1.5.1 (13.10.2019) – Fixed bug when constrains mode doesn’t works with Edit Poly modifier
v1.5.0 (30.09.2018) – Fixed bug in constraint mode when verteces not align properly (constraint mode works in World coordinate system)
v1.4.0 (01.02.2009) – Added restrictions of straight. Use SHIFT key to get straight with axis constraints.
– Now snap mode and type are restored after straighten. When straightening begins, snap mode changes in active and snap type in 3D.
v1.3.0 (05.08.2008) – Added normalize when straight. Use ALT key to get vertexes/edges normalized.
v1.2.0 (23.05.2008) – Added support for Edit Poly modifier
– Added support for Editable Spline & Line objects (vertex only).
v1.1.1 (21.08.2007) – Fixed bug when vertices are not placed properly when Constraints is on
v1.1.0 (16.05.2007) – Added support to work with edges
– Added support for modifiers over Editable Poly baseobject – Now after vertex/edges straightened snap mode is off
v1.0.0 (25.09.2006) – Initial release for MAX 8.

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Comments ( 37 )

  • Hello, Sorry but Straighten Edge file rar is empty. How i get this maxscript ?
    thank you very much

  • Why when i’m using script in 3d max 2018 it projecting edges on xy plane all the time ?

  • no, i have all snaps turned off 🙁 Have no idea. It is fresh max 2018 installation.

  • Holy damn, i was switching on and off, but didn’t switch vertexes ;O. Shame on me. Ten lashes on my back.
    Thank you !

  • I can’t find maxroot\UI\Macroscripts. Where is it for the default install location

  • Thank you for the script! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. However, it seems when i use it with axis constraints (using shift when selecting each vertex) the points move on the specified axis only like they are supposed to, but do not quite form a straight edge in the specified direction. There is a slight bend still. Any ideas?

      • @RGhost thank you for the reply. I am trying 1.5.0 now. Although I am still having problems with the axis constraints. Axist constraints only seem to be working on collapsed Editable Poly objects and not within the Edit Poly Modifier as the description indicates. Also, the script doesn’t seem to work at all within Edit Spline modifiers. It only works with collapsed Editable Splines. Is this correct?

        • Peter, you right. In 1.5.0 constraint mode fixed only for Editable Poly. Edit Spline modifier not supported, so you right about this too.
          But, I want improve it, so I will try add support Edit Spline modifier and fix constraint mode in Edit Poly modifier. Probably I will release new version of the script in 1-2 weeks, stay tuned.

          • Thank you!!!! I will be watching for it. It is a very useful script, but will be even more useful if we don’t have to collapse our objects first!!!! Thanks again!

          • Peter, I fixed bug with Edit Poly modifier, now script should work properly (v1.5.1). But with Edit Spline modifier I can’t do nothing. MAXscript doesn’t have methods to move points in Edit Spline modifier.

    • Sometimes Shift+click not works, it seems bug or glitch of maxscript. Try use Right Shift instead of Left Shift it’s works better.
      BTW, I’m working to change it is behavior of this script and fix this glitch in future versions.

  • Hello, does this version work in 2023? I used it for the first time in 2012 max. it was great. I couldn’t run it in 2023.

  • The tool stopped working for the 2024 version of Max. In the process, it throws the vertices into random coordinates. Strange, unpredictable behavior. Without a script, it’s like without hands. I really hope for improvement

  • Hi. Is it possible to make it so that when you press shift it aligns with the axes of the working pivot ?

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