Biped Manipulator (maxscript)

Last Updated on 19/06/2023

Biped Manipulator – 3ds Max MAXScript, allows to select fast any objects/bones and also the whole groups of objects as arms, legs and spine. Since manipulator uses objects names to select objects/bones it is possible to use it with any rigs systems like Character Studio, CAT, custom rigs etc. Biped Manipulator doesn’t occupy much screen place. If there are several bipeds on the scene it is possible to use for convenience several Biped Manipulators.

version 2.1.1

Bipedmanip 1 1 0
Bipedmanip 1 2 0


Bipedmanip ui 2 0 0

Root – Biped system root name

Skeleton | Hand/Feet – Switch between Skeleton and Hand/Feet manipulator mode
XY Position – manipulator icon position in the viewport

Hand/Feet – manipulated biped type
Left/Right – manipulated side Open config from file – load configuration from file to manipulator
Save config to file – save configuration from manipulator to file
Copy config to clipboard – copy configuration from manipulator to Windows clipboard
Paste config to clipboard – paste configuration from Windows clipboard to manipulator


  1. Scripted Objects/Helpers (*.ms) should be placed in maxroot/plugins/ and are then accessed through the “Create panel” in 3dsmax.
  2. How to use manipulators read in the 3dsmax help, chapter Manipulator Helper Objects


Version History

  • v2.1.1 (19.06.2023) Fixed manipulator color and installation paths for 3ds Max 2024+
  • v2.1.0 (03.12.2009)  Added support for Biped Knuckles bones (default).
  • v2.0.0 (01.04.2009) Hand Manipulator is merged with Biped Manipulator. To switch between them use Shift+click on “F/f”.All manipulator parts are configurable;
    Rewritten selection functions;
    “Unhide Selection” macro script included;

Order custom maxscript

MaxScript logoSometimes modeling, texturing, or animation work in 3ds Max requires optimization. In the case of a unique task, a tool is required that is only suitable for solving it. If you could not find a ready maxscript to solve for your problem you can make an order to develop custom maxscript from me. Cost of develop begins from 100$ and depending on complexity of maxscript. Use the form below to make an order the develop MaxScript according to your technical specifications. Do not forget to include your email, which I can contact with you to clarify the list of works.    

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