Veda 3d hair - Final render - combined two pasess

Veda Hair – part 1

For creating hair it was used a standard component 3ds Max Hair and Fur. Hairstyle was created in a way, that allows to use a different methods for calculation of hair dynamics, but not only in built dynamics. At the moment as a hair dynamics engine it is used Flex modifier, which gives a good result for rather short calculation time.

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MuscleSelect featured image


MuscleSelect – 3dsmax MAXscript boost productivity during work with muscle objects. This script support muscle plugins: CAT, ACT, SkinFX, Hercules.

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Bake Biped Head Look At animation

I wrote maxscript snippet which allows bake animation from biped’s head when biped’s head animated through biped’s “Look At” controller. Script bake biped head’s animation and then removes Look At Target.

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